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    Best Websites for Tamil Movie Download For Free

    • 1. Sun NXT

    • 2. Hotstar

    • 3. Amazon Prime

    • 4. Tamil Movies on YouTube

    • 5. Zee5

    • 6. Netflix

    • 7. SonyLIV

With Tamil movies getting popular in different parts of India, more and more people are searching for Tamil movie downloads from free websites. Since most of these Tamil Movies are unavailable on any OTT platform, here are some of the best websites for Tamil movie download for free.

Tamil movie download for free from any untrusted website might not be the best way since there are a lot of scam websites out there that might contain malware.

Several websites that provide free streaming of Tamil movies can also be involved in piracy, which is the illicit dissemination of intellectual property. Piracy is a severe problem that can hurt both the platforms that are legally permitted to distribute the content as well as its producers and authors. So here’s a list of websites you can use to legally watch Tamil movies online.

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Best Websites for Tamil Movie Download For Free

1. Sun NXT

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One of the most well-known Tamil movie downloading websites is Sunnxt. In addition to Tamil movies, Sunnxt also offers live Tamil television, Tamil music videos, Tamil comedy videos, and Tamil news.

Your favourite Tamil films can be found in popular categories like “90s Hits,” “Thriller Movies,” “Kids Movies,” “Movies with Subtitles,” “Romantic Movies,” “Classic Movies,” “Action Movies in Tamil,” “Horror Tamil Movies,” etc. Some of the popular Tamil movie titles on Sun NXT are Kaaki Sattai, Laththi Charge, Thiruchitrambalam, Beast, Naan Mirugamai Mara, etc.

To watch Tamil movies or movies in other Indian languages on Sun Nxt, you need to sign up. And you can watch all Tamil movies for free with a few ads that play during the content. But there is also a premium subscription that allows Tamil movies downloading for offline viewing.

2. Hotstar

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Although Hotstar is a paid video streaming service, you can access some media content included with the free plan. You may watch movies, sports, and TV shows from every channel here. Also, it enables you to view live news, sports and much more.

Hotstar even has a wide selection of Tamil movies, all you have to do is switch to “Tamil” under the language section. Some popular culinary shows like Cooku with Comali, Mouna Raagam, Muthazhagu are some popular tv shows included in Hotstar. Apart from this, you can find most of the popular Tamil as well as dubbed movies in the Tamil language. All these movies can also be downloaded from the Hotstar app for offline viewing which is even available with the free plan.

3. Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime is another platform to watch and for Tamil movies download. Some popular titles like Varisu, Soorarai Pottru, Karnan, Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru and many more. That being said, the content on Amazon Prime is once accessible for premium Amazon Prime customers only. And once you get the subscription you can even download your favourite Tamil movies on the mobile app for offline viewing.

4. Tamil Movies on YouTube

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Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform and is one of the most reliable sources of Tamil films. Youtube is a free platform where anyone can upload any content for free. But when it comes to commercial movies, you just can’t simply upload any copyrighted content. That’s the reason we can’t find many Hollywood or Bollywood movies on Youtube for free since these are taken down as soon as you upload any copyrighted content on the platform.

But the same is not valid for Tamil movies, and if your search the keyword “Tamil Movies” on Youtube you can find a vast variety of Tamil movies uploaded by some popular Channels like Comedy One, Super Good Films, Kollywood Multiplex and more. You can watch these Tamil movies on Youtube for free and even download Tamil movies on the Youtube app for offline viewing.

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5. Zee5

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One of the most popular video-on-demand providers in India is Zee5. And the platform follows a freemium model where a portion of the content is free to view. For example, the first few minutes of a movie or the first episode of a TV series are free to watch, but to view the whole content a premium subscription is required.

Zee5 content library includes English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Punjabi films in addition to Tamil films. Some of the popular Tamil movies on Zee5 are Vedha, Kaari, Karthikeya, Bimbisara, Valmai and others. You can quickly review the movie, rating, and other user reviews if you are having difficulty choosing one title.

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6. Netflix

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Slowly but steadily Netflix is trying to expand its footprint in India, but with platforms such as Disney+ Hotstar it’s not easy, therefore you can now find regional language movies like Tamil movies on the platform.

Not only that, but the platform also came up with some original popular content such as Jagame Thanthiram and Andhaghaaram. Apart from that you can also find some favourite movies like Mersal and Super Deluxe right on the platform. With a premium subscription to Netflix, you can easily watch any of the above-mentioned titles at your comfort anytime. And you can also download Tamil movies for offline viewing.

7. SonyLIV

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Launched in 2013 SonyLIV was the first OTT service in India. Since then it may not have grown at the same pace as Hotstar but it is still a popular choice among many. The reason is its collection of a wide range of films for its subscriber base including regional languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada.

Additionally, you can find some popular Tamil titles like Anal Mele Pani Thuli, Appan and Freedom Fight. As it is a subscription-based service you may have to pay to access some of the exclusive Tamil content. But some Tamil movies and TV shows are free to watch as well. Also, the platform doesn’t have a wide variety of Tamil movies. But some good movies will provide value for your money.

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7 Best Websites For Tamil Movies Download For Free | Cashify Blog (2024)
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