How to Make Sure Your Vinyl Stickers Last Long (2024)

How to Make Sure Your Vinyl Stickers Last Long (1)

Decal stickers can elevate any surface, whether you place them on a car or the walls of your home. They can last between 3 to 7 years. However, custom vinyl decals’ lifespans vary based on their placement, printing process, and how much sun exposure they receive. These are some of the factors that might affect how long vinyl decal stickers last.

Vinyl Sticker Material
Polyvinyl chloride, or vinyl, is a strong, long-lasting synthetic plastic polymer. It lasts longer than other kinds of materials since it doesn’t disintegrate when damp. Unlike paper stickers, vinyl stickers hold their shape more firmly once applied. Vinyl Mayhem uses high-quality vinyl material to ensure longevity and easy application to any surface.

Vinyl Sticker Color
Light is energy, so the more light a thing absorbs, the more heat it absorbs. This is because ultraviolet radiation makes a product appear lighter by breaking down chemical bonds.

If a product has a certain hue under white light, it means it reflects the particular color’s light while absorbing all the others. Reds and yellows absorb and reflect light, so they fade quickly, resulting in shorter sticker lifespans. They have a greater vulnerability to the effects of sunlight, and they fade more quickly than other colors.

With the help of Vinyl Mayhem, you can decide the colors of your vinyl decal stickers to guarantee their longevity in direct sunlight. UV lamination protects our stickers from fading caused by the sun’s rays. It also increases their water resistance and prevents them from scratching.

Printing Process
There are several methods of printing vinyl stickers, from screen printing to flexographic printing, each using varying types of ink and therefore having differing degrees of longevity.

At Vinyl Mayhem, we print vinyl stickers directly onto vinyl for a durable product. Our high-resolution printers can produce crisp, clear, and colorful decal stickers even with complex design patterns.

Vinyl Sticker Placement
Where you apply your vinyl stickers can directly affect their longevity. Unlike vertical surfaces, such as vinyl car decals on the vehicle’s doors, decals on horizontal surfaces such as hoods and roofs are more likely to fade because of direct sunlight and exposure to rain, moisture, and pollutants from the road. You need car decals that are high quality and positioned in a location that shields them from the brunt of exposure to the elements. Car decals also require ongoing maintenance to maintain their colors and longevity.

How to Make Sure Your Vinyl Stickers Last Long (2)
What You Should Do if You Want Your Vinyl Decal Stickers to Last
The longevity of a vinyl sticker first depends on its proper application. Before applying a decal, clean the area where you plan to place it with a lint-free cloth and glass cleaner. If the surface is not clean, the decal will not adhere well. Any dirt on the surface might cause the decal to have spots or bumps that can damage the decal.

If your vinyl decals are in poor condition, you can use the following tips to restore their colors and maintain them:

Do not peel the stickers

    Despite vinyl stickers’ durability, they are susceptible to physical damage from sharp objects. Never clean vinyl stickers with sharp objects, as using them will degrade the vinyl and leave the sticker susceptible to wear and tear. You should also avoid removing and reapplying the vinyl stickers to prevent weakening and damaging the adhesive.

    Mix a solution of water and detergent

      Use a soft cloth with the solution to remove any debris from the sticker. Get rid of mildew or mold from the decal with sodium percarbonate. You can damage your decals if you use a cleaning pad or rub too hard. Rinse the decals with water and ensure they are dry before you wipe them down.

      Wipe with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth

        Apply rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe them away with it. Wipe the surface gently until you’re certain it’s completely clean.

        How to Care for Vinyl Car Decals
        Since cars can undergo hard road and weather conditions, it’s essential to clean decals properly. The next time you clean your vehicle, consider these tips:

        Rinse your car

          Make sure your vehicle is free of dirt, debris, and dust. Take special care to rinse the decal-covered parts of the car gently with a nozzle spray attachment.

          Use a non-abrasive car detergent

          Mix a non-abrasive car detergent with clean water. Ensure the detergent does not contain alcohol or any other harsh substances that might damage the car. Use only a soft sponge or cloth to wash the parts of the car covered with decals. To avoid a new car detergent bleaching or smearing the decal, test it on a tiny area of the decal first.

          Rinse off the soap

            Rinse the automobile once more after cleaning it so that all the detergent is gone.

            Dry your car properly

              You can let the vehicle air dry, but use a soft microfiber towel to gently dry the decal if you prefer to speed up the process. A squeegee can also dry any decals that have excess water.

              Store your vehicle indoors if possible

              If you have a garage at home, keep your car in there. A fabric car cover can protect the decals from sun exposure and acidic pollutants in urban air if a garage is unavailable.
              How to Make Sure Your Vinyl Stickers Last Long (3)
              Choose Quality Vinyl Stickers
              The lifespan of your vinyl stickers depends on their installation, maintenance, and care. Our high-quality vinyl stickers are durable, and we can work with you to customize them for your home or business.

              To learn more about how to purchase your vinyl stickers, fill out our online order form or email us at

              How to Make Sure Your Vinyl Stickers Last Long (2024)
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