What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (2024)

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (1)

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TikTok and Instagram are always shaping fashion trends, from dreamy cottagecore to glitzy night luxe. Some are really easy to identify, like the '90s and '00s-inspired kidcore, while others are a little harder to nail down. The typical "influencer" look is one of those nebulous trends (like, it's kind of just a vibe) you might not've been able to really pinpoint, but we're here to tell you that the Air Jordans, corset tops, biker shorts, and Kardashian-worthy contour all fall under the category of the one and only baddie aesthetic. Calling someone with killer style a "baddie" started in pop culture slang back in the 2010s, and is now a term used to describe a specific style aesthetic that a lot of influencers love to rock. Here's what you need to know, and how you can hop on the trend with some baddie outfits of your own.

The popular aesthetic takes major inspo from Instagram influencers and beauty gurus, and typically involves corset tops, chunky gold jewelry, bling-y mini dresses, bucket hats, and cool sneakers. It encompasses a range of occasions — you can dress like a baddie for homecoming or prom in a glittery pink bodycon dress, but you can also channel that Main Character Baddie Energy at school in baggy, ripped jeans and hoops. While certain baddie styles like crazy cutouts and micro-mini skirts might not be dress code-approved, it's 100% possible to still give off baddie *energy* in math class with the right attitude.

Although there are trendy styles that a lot of baddies love to wear, know that at the end of the day, being a baddie is truly in your heart. It's cheesy, but it's true — the aesthetic is about wearing what makes you feel like your most slayful self, which could be anything from basketball shoes to velvet dresses. We're rounded up our top tips and tricks below to help you put together baddie outfits for every occasion, no matter what type of 'fit you feel the most confident in — consider these staples to be your gateway to embracing the bold aesthetic.


Pretty Little Thing Sand Cargo Pocket Detail Baggy Boyfriend Jeans

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (2)

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me! 📞 Cargo pants aren't just for construction sites anymore. They're the perfect match for baddie crop tops and corsets — you'll feel like Kim Possible's fashionable twin.


Peta + Jain Muse Sunglasses

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (3)

No tea, no shade, but the baddie look is all about the accessories — oversized shades give you that extra "oomph" of mystery when paired with a statement-making chain necklace.


Mwardrobe High Waisted Baggy Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (4)

Now 21% Off

Boyfriend jeans are practically *thee* official pant style of the baddie aesthetic, so stock up on a pair that fits you well — that means jeans that fit at the waist, hips, and inseam. Wear with your coolest kicks for immediate drip.

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The sneakers your dad has owned since the '90s also happen to be a baddie essential of top-level importance. Pair any white chunky "dad" shoe with crew socks for that streetwear baddie vibe.


Kendall & Kylie Lace-Up Back Strapless Corset Top

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (6)

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The styling possibilities are literally endless when it comes to corset tops. Layer them over T-shirts, wear them under leather jackets, or pair with your favorite baggy slacks if you're feeling profesh.


Beginning Boutique Brittany Lilac Velvet Mini Dress

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (7)

Get ready to show up to that New Years Eve party looking like an absolute baddie in this mini dress. Thanks to the luxe fabric and bright shade of lavender, you'll outshine the disco ball.

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Baddie Gift Idea

West Angel The Custom Hoops

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (8)

Hoops are always a baddie move, but custom hoops with your name written on them? Now that's iconic.


Edikted Faux Leather Oversized Bomber Jacket

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (9)

Keep wearing all of your 🔥🔥🔥 outfits from back when it was 70 degrees outside all year round by throwing a leather jacket on top of your look. Trust — you'll reach for this baddie staple over and over (and over) again.


Nike Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low SE Shoes

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (10)

Ask any Instagram influencer and they'll tell you that Air Jordans are a huge part of the baddie wardrobe. They're perfect for traveling, wearing to class, or just kicking back — this platform version will give you a little height boost.

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Gia IRL Isabella Set

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (11)

On the hunt for a baddie birthday outfit? Look no further than this two-piece set, which you can jazz up with glitzy jewelry or transform into an edgy look with chunky combat boots. The possibilities (and IG pic options) go on forever.


Superdown Jennifer Wrap Top

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (12)

Whether you're channeling your inner baddie for a tropical vacay or a birthday party, red hot pieces scream confidence. You'll stand out because of your bold 'fit and your bold attitude.


Alo Yoga 7" Seamless High-Waist Ribbed Biker Short

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (13)

Everything about this outfit, from the bike shorts to the visor hat to the chunky sneakers, screams "baddie." The shorts will pull triple duty in your closet for yoga, style, and practicality (a.k.a. under mini dresses — just in case).

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Skims Soft Lounge Mini Dress

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (14)

When it comes to the ultimate mini, there's a reason Kim Kardashian's Skims dresses keep selling out over and over again — they're universally beloved for fitting (and snatching!) every body. 🥵


Good American Good '90s Extreme Rips

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (15)

O.G. baddie Kim Kardashian rocked a pair of ripped-to-bits jeans earlier this year, so take a page out of her book with these ripped jeans from her sister Khloé K. There's just something about the shredded look that's such a slay.


GRLFRND Carly Bucket Hat

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (16)

Protecting your skin from the sun is a #baddiemove, so do it in the most stylish way with bucket hats of assorted prints and colors. We're partial to this denim hat that can easily be worn with any outfit that involves jeans.

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Revolve Cesca Top

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (17)

Keep the sleeves — you can still dress like a baddie in the winter by rocking interesting cutouts and sheer details for a little bit of ✨spice✨.

What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (18)

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What is the "Baddie" Aesthetic? (2024)
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