Expendables 4 Showtimes Near Johnstown Movieplex (2024)

Lights, camera, action! If you're a fan of adrenaline-pumping action flicks, then you're probably eagerly awaiting the release of Expendables 4. The Expendables franchise has captured the hearts of action movie enthusiasts worldwide with its star-studded cast, explosive stunts, and gripping plotlines. And now, as the release date draws near, you're likely on the hunt for showtimes near you, especially if you're in the vicinity of Johnstown Movieplex. Well, you're in luck! In this article, we'll dive into everything you need to know about Expendables 4 showtimes near Johnstown Movieplex, so buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating ride!

The Expendables Franchise: A Brief Overview

Before we delve into the showtimes, let's take a quick look at what makes the Expendables franchise so special. Conceived by Sylvester Stallone, these films bring together some of the biggest action stars of all time, including Stallone himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and many more. With each installment, the stakes get higher, the action gets more intense, and the camaraderie among the cast members shines through. It's a recipe for blockbuster success that keeps audiences coming back for more.

Expendables 4: What to Expect

As the fourth installment in the series, Expendables 4 promises to up the ante once again. While plot details have been kept tightly under wraps, fans can expect plenty of high-octane action, jaw-dropping stunts, and memorable one-liners. With the return of familiar faces and the addition of new cast members, the excitement surrounding this film is palpable. Whether you're a longtime fan of the franchise or a newcomer looking for an adrenaline rush, Expendables 4 is sure to deliver the goods.

Finding Showtimes Near Johnstown Movieplex

Now, let's get down to business: finding showtimes for Expendables 4 near Johnstown Movieplex. Luckily, Johnstown Movieplex is known for its diverse selection of films and convenient showtimes. Whether you prefer catching a matinee or enjoying a late-night screening, there's bound to be a showtime that fits your schedule.

To check the latest showtimes for Expendables 4 at Johnstown Movieplex, you have several options. You can visit the official website of Johnstown Movieplex, where you'll find a schedule of upcoming screenings. Additionally, you can use popular movie ticketing apps and websites to browse showtimes, purchase tickets, and even reserve your seats in advance. With just a few clicks or taps, you'll be well on your way to securing your spot for the ultimate action movie experience.

Planning Your Visit

Once you've found the perfect showtime for Expendables 4, it's time to start planning your visit to Johnstown Movieplex. Consider arriving early to beat the crowds and grab your favorite snacks from the concession stand. And don't forget to bring along some friends or family members to share in the excitement. After all, watching a blockbuster like Expendables 4 is always more fun with good company.


In conclusion, Expendables 4 promises to be a thrilling addition to the beloved franchise, and finding showtimes near Johnstown Movieplex is easier than ever. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply looking for a pulse-pounding movie experience, be sure to check out this highly anticipated film at your earliest convenience. With its star-studded cast, explosive action sequences, and heart-pounding excitement, Expendables 4 is sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I purchase tickets for Expendables 4 online? Absolutely! You can easily purchase tickets for Expendables 4 online through various ticketing platforms, including the official website of Johnstown Movieplex and popular movie ticketing apps.

2. Are there any special screenings or events planned for the release of Expendables 4? While specific events may vary depending on the theater, it's not uncommon for theaters to host special screenings or fan events for highly anticipated releases like Expendables 4. Keep an eye out for announcements from Johnstown Movieplex or check their website for any upcoming events.

3. Will Expendables 4 be available in 3D or IMAX format? While details regarding the format of screenings may vary, many theaters offer options for 3D and IMAX showings for blockbuster releases like Expendables 4. Check the showtime listings for Johnstown Movieplex to see if these formats are available.

4. Can I bring outside food and drinks into the theater? Policies regarding outside food and drinks may vary depending on the theater. It's best to check with Johnstown Movieplex for their specific policies regarding outside concessions.

5. Is Expendables 4 suitable for children? Expendables 4 is likely to be rated R for intense action violence, language, and some suggestive content. Parents should use their discretion when determining whether the film is appropriate for their children.

Expendables 4 Showtimes Near Johnstown Movieplex (2024)
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