Porsche and Duotone present kite in legendary motorsport design (2024)

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Together with leading kiteboarding manufacturer Duotone, Porsche is launching a new kite and a board. The limited special edition is an homage to the legendary Porsche 917/20 racing car in the unforgettable “Pink Pig” design.

Last year, the first Porsche kite from Duotone sold out in a flash. Now the partners’ latest joint project has been unveiled in Tarifa, Spain. It took its inspiration from one of the most iconic designs of Porsche motor racing history: the 917/20, better known as the “Pink Pig” or “Big Bertha”. It holds a special place in the pantheon of 917 versions. In a nod to the top speed of the car that raced at Le Mans in 1971, the special edition is limited to 360 units.

In the new model, Duotone’s Evo SLS technology ensures optimal kite performance. The kite is offered in the sizes 7m, 9m and 12m and the board is 138cm. Registration for the kite and board is open now on the Duotone online shop at Duotone Onlineshop.

“The collaboration with Porsche goes well beyond aesthetics,” says Thomas Kaiser, Marketing Director at Duotone. “It’s the fusion of two worlds – the craftsmanship of Porsche meets Duotone’s kite technology. The result is a masterpiece that stands out not only for its design, but also its unparalleled performance.”

“We are proud to be able to bring a bit of Porsche history to the kite world and the water with our new special edition,” says Sandra Siegloch, Head of Sponsoring and Partnering at Porsche. “Our goal is to advance the sport of kitesurfing. With Duotone at our side, we have the right partner.”

Part of the revenue from sales of the kite and board will go to Duotone’s programme supporting young talents in the sport. The “Young Blood” initiative is aimed at helping young people make the leap into the professional ranks of kitesurfing. It provides not only training opportunities but also courses on dealing with social media and acquiring sponsors.

About Porsche 917/20

The Porsche 917/20 holds a special place in the illustrious ranks of 917 versions. It remained a one-off. In collaboration with the French company SERA, Porsche technicians undertook the challenge of combining the advantages of the short- and long-tail versions of the 917. Its body was extremely wide and featured unusually rounded wheel cutouts. As the track width remained unchanged, the wheels were hidden deeply in the wheel housings.

But the best part was the fanciful paintwork that led the 917/20 to go down in Porsche history as the “Pink Pig”. Porsche designer Anatole Lapine decided in favour of the pink body colour and labelled each of the body parts according to the butcher-style cuts. Porsche caused a sensation at Le Mans 1971 with the “Pink Pig”. Though totally untested, it was the fastest car in pre-race qualifying. But during the main race, the 917/20, running in sixth position, dropped out due to an accident.

Expansion of sports sponsorship

Porsche has further expanded its commitment to challenging and spectacular sports in recent years. In 2021, the sports car manufacturer announced its commitment to the further development of kitesurfing and big-wave surfing – complementing its long-standing sponsorship of tennis and golf. In addition to its collaboration with Duotone, the company also supports kitesurfing athletes Liam Whaley and Rita Arnaus. Porsche also works with big-wave world record-holder Sebastian Steudtner in a technology partnership.

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Porsche and Duotone present kite in legendary motorsport design (2024)
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