Stella Andrews - Book Series In Order (2024)

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Publication Order of Club Mafia Books

Publication Order of Completing Beauty Books

Breaking Beauty (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Owning Beauty (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Broken Beauty (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of The Dark Lords Books

Pure Evil (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
A Shade of Evil (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Pretty Evil (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Born Evil (2024)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of Five Kings Books

Catch a King (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Slade (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Steal a King (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Break a King (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Destroy a King (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Marry a King (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of The Ortega Mafia Books

The Enforcer (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Consigliere (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Don (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of Reaper Romance Books

Daddy's Girls (2019)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Flash (2019)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Twisted (2019)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Billion Dollar Baby (2019)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Bodyguard (2019)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Dirty Hero (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Brutal Sinner (2023)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of The Romanos Books

The Throne of Pain (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Throne of Hate (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Throne of Fear (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Highest Bidder (2017)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Made in London (2019)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Rocked (2019)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Bad Decision (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Deck the Boss (2020)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Baron: A Dark Romance (2021)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Brutally British (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Damaged Gods (2024)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Publication Order of Heart of a Wounded Hero Books

Sacrifice (By: Hope Ford) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Hero's Lane (By: Andie Fenichel) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Blind to the Truth (By: Ja'Nese Dixon) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Soldier's Symphony (By: Emma Bray) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Dear Huxley (By: Layne Daniels) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Scars and Stripes (By: Kat Baxter) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Never Broken (By: Linzi Baxter) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
All My Broken Pieces (By: Kali Hart) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
State of Faith (By: Mayra Statham) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
All the Scars We Cannot See (By: Sadie King) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Sealed With a Broken Kiss (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
For Love and Country (By: Tamrin Banks) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Love, Honor, Sacrifice (By: Jessa Joy) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Sweet Redemption (By: Lana Love) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Soldier On (By: Kara Kendrick) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Fixer Upper (By: Cassie Mint) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Under the Mask (By: Alice May Ball) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Protective Hero (By: Khloe Summers) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
A Home For the Brave (By: Poppy Parkes) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
More Than Expected (By: Danyelle Scroggins) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Accidental Hero (By: Shaw Hart) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Where Liberty Dwells (By: Lia Preston) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Next To You (By: Abby Knox) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Home of the Free (By: Frankie Love) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Lifeline (By: Ines Johnson) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Finding Home (By: Elsie James) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
A Hero's Vow (By: Reagan Phillips) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Make Love Not War (By: Scarlett Woods) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Mister Marine (By: Ashley Bostock) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Peace of My Heart (By: Brynn Hale) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Out of the Trenches (By: Lana Dash) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Close Protector (By: Theresa Beachman) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
A Soldier's Last Wish (By: Krysta Fox) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
One Kind Hero (By: Christine DePetrillo) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Damaged Goods (By: Rebecca Wilder) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
A Time to Heal (By: Bonnie Poirier) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Final Pieces (By: Summer Rose) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Tattered & Torn (By: nyla lily) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Commanding Her Heart (By: Alana Winters) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
A Warrior's Heart (By: Rochelle Summers) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Commanding Her Heart (By: Alana Winters) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Unscathed (By: Brittney Jones) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Sworn to Secrecy (By: Jade Royal) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Hope for Me (By: Elyse Kelly) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Tapped Out (By: Haven Rose) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Protect My Heart (By: Emily Bunney) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Trenches of my Heart (By: Barbra Campbell) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
A Test of Fayth (By: Melverna McFarlane) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Broken Perfection (By: Brynn Paulin) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
All of You (By: Liz Durano) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Watch Over Me: (By: Mika Jolie) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Falling Into You (By: Fern Fraser) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Healing Her Heart (By: Pixie Chica) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Nothing Left To Lose (By: J. Preston) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Still a Warrior (By: Cameron Hart) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Saving Ethan (By: Kaci Rose) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Too Far Gone (By: Emma Lee Jayne) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
One Shot with the Soldier (By: Ellen Brooks) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Mended With Gold (By: Silke Campion) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Scarred Beginnings (By: Ember Davis) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Healing A Hero (By: Sophia Vincent) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Dawn of a New Day (By: Ava Pearl) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Back to the Block (By: Brynn Hale) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Bound by Honor (By: Robecca Austin) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Sign for the Seal (By: Rebecca Andrew) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

Stella Andrews
Stella Andrews loves writing stories where the women are strong and beautiful and the men are sexy and hot. She enjoys the freedom of a filthy mouth in fiction whereas she is prim and proper with her family. This is her guilty secret, so let’s just keep it between us.

“The Throne of Pain” is the first novel in the “Romanos” series and was released in 2020. Lucian Romano is the definition of pain. Riley won’t ever forget this name or the guy that owns it. Wicked, cruel, dark, and so very hot that he melts fire. Riley believed he owned the hotel she was staying in, and that he’d be the person who’d hear her complaint. And that he knew right from wrong. But she was mistaken. She should’ve noticed that fear in the receptionist’s eyes when she saw him coming. She really should’ve kept her mouth shut and walked, no run, and fast.

However she was a fool. Riley walked right up to him and prodded the beast. Then he pounced and she found herself being locked in a cage in his bedroom. The guy’s so dangerous and dark she can just about taste the ash from the pit of hell. Power blazes out of his eyes like lightning from Neptune’s trident and her heart is sinking after seeing how huge of a mistake she just made. This man creates games, he never plays them.

Riley has had better days, and she’s also had better vacations. However as it turns out, she has never had better than him.

This is a twisted and dark Mafia Romance that’ll blow your mind. It’s a wild ride that’s not for the faint of heart and certain scenes may upset readers.

“Breaking Beauty” is the first novel in the “Completing Beauty” series and was released in 2020. Once upon a betrayal.

Sebastian Stone, the boy that Angelica grew up with. He was her best friend that she confided in and trusted more than anybody else. The boy that stuck up for her at school and filled her days with happiness and laughter. The boy that became a man that slipped into her bed at night and made her into a woman as the rest of the house slept. He awakened these feelings inside her that she never realized she had and he promised that he’d never leave her. In return, Angelica gave him her innocence and his kisses brought new life to a soul that had surrendered to the Devil so many years ago.

But this sleeping beauty awakened to discover that her prince was a monster in disguise because he chose her sister instead and turn his back on her. When Angelica learned they planned on getting married, she fled and fell down the darkest rabbit hole she could find. However she’s now come back and he’s not going to like what she’s become. He will learn that this Princess went over to the dark side and now the only thing on her mind is revenge. It is time for Angelica to face her past and change the future, the hard way.

Angelica is a strong female character and readers loved how she makes Sebastian work to gain her forgiveness. These two have sizzling and smoking chemistry and are fantastic together. The story here is well developed, features an engaging storyline, and is well written.

“Dirty Hero” is the first novel in the “Reaper Romance” series and was released in 2021. They may call him Snake, but Bonnie just calls him a bad day at the office. He’s a man of extremes. Dominant and dangerous, ruthless and hard. Predatory, a renegade, yet a man of duty.

Bonnie stepped out of one nightmare right into another and this man holds the key to her prison. She was operating undercover. Then he showed up and it all changed. Locked in a cabin far away from civilization, she’s stuck with the guy until he says otherwise.

One operation gone horribly wrong which will take a miracle to set it all right. She might’ve lost everything. Her job, almost her life, and now her principles because just one look at the guy changes the rules. He just wants a single thing, her, and is ready to wait for as long as this takes.

Bonnie’s never been one to run away from a fight, and something is telling her this one is either destruction or destiny. Is it going to be Bonnie’s or his?

This is a must read for those that like dirty, rough, tough, and sinfully delicious bikers and the women that they love.

“Catch a King” is the first novel in the “Five Kings” series and was released in 2021. Sawyer came to catch a killer. And he found her. A woman that has so much sass wrapped up in a body which will be his downfall. She just thinks that she hates him, however hate does not look his way like that. Strong, brave, and beautiful yet her loyalty is with another.

She’s to be auctioned off and his brother’s the only bidder. Then he learns the truth. She was brought here for a reason. Sawyer’s family is going to use her to bring their dad’s killer down. Is Sawyer going to betray his own family to save her?

It was hate at first sight. Millie went undercover to find a murderer. Instead she found him. When he looks at her, she’s a hot mess. Millie doesn’t want to react to him, she doesn’t even think she likes him, however her body’s got other ideas.

Dark flashing obsidian eyes rip the breath out of her body and leave her burning on the inside. The scowl that’s on his face of what could just be described as a god among men is attempting its very best to scare the hell out of her and the fact this guy is broad, tall, and wrapped up in evil intent and leather, sends a message right to her very soul. Her heart says he will break her, and her head is telling her to just walk away. What if it isn’t her choice to make?

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