The Romanos Series (3 Books) By Stella Andrews • (2024)

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Join The Romanos, a quartet of brothers in these dark & twisted mafia romances that will blow your mind. This series is a wild ride that’s not for the faint-hearted and some scenes may upset readers. Each book is standalone with no cliff-hanger and no other purchase required – but always good to read the series as a whole in order.

Table Of Contents

  1. The Romanos Series by Stella Andrews
    • The Throne of Pain (The Romanos #1)
    • The Throne of Hate (The Romanos #2)
    • The Throne of Fear (The Romanos #3)
    • Broken Beauty

The Romanos Series by Stella Andrews

The Romanos Series (3 Books) By Stella Andrews • (1)
The Romanos Series (3 Books) By Stella Andrews • (2)
The Romanos Series (3 Books) By Stella Andrews • (3)

The Throne of Pain (The Romanos #1)

Returning home earlier than planned after a failed weekend away with a friend, Riley was not expecting to find her fiancé in bed with a friend/neighbour. Taking the coward way out she walked away and broke up with him not mentioning the eyeful she saw. Heading off on holiday for two weeks to Florida to escape for a bit. She is set to complain after seeing a dead rat in the pool with her. Managing to complain to the manager who instead of taking her thoughts onboard he kidnaps her and locks her in a cage in his penthouse suite.

Lucian has taken over the reins of the family mafia after his older brother Lorenzo opted to forfeit his duty and be part of the Twisted Reapers MC. He is a brute, harsh and intense person who likes/needs to be in control and enjoys inflicting pain. Finding a new toy in the lobby of his hotel he thinks Christmas has come early – until Riley bites back and pushes against his control. resulting in a passion-fuelled coming of worlds but after one taste he isn’t sure he can let her go.

Furious about being held captive in a cage Riley feels conflicted as she enjoys everything else that Lucian has to offer her. Taking the brutal side of him and indulging in each other as much as possible, Becoming his submissive for when he needs to attend to business. Even assisting in finding his nephew and Ava, but Riley is only on holiday for two weeks – surely she needs to return to Boston at some point.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

The Throne of Hate (The Romanos #2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Following the deaths of her parents, Isabella was sent to live with her grandmother who constantly belittled her and told her how much of a failure she was. Forcing her to complete nanny training at an academy where she was not only bullied by the other girls but also the teachers. Her grandmother died during her training and has been counting down to graduation so she can gain her inheritance and visit her only friend. Finding one last way to control her, there was a stipulation in the will that she needs to work as a nanny for a year before getting the money.

Having finally found his son, Dante is keen to do all he can to make Luca’s childhood better than the abusive one he had with his mother. Looking for a many he is shocked when Luca starts laughing at Isabella and her newly dyed pink hair – claiming her for his son… and he wouldn’t mind claiming her for himself too. Although she turns down his proposal to become his plaything alongside caring for Luca,

There is something about Isabella that consumes Dante’s mind. She has worked her magic on Luca getting him to open up and talk about his traumas. Although Dante is possibly the hottest man she has ever met, Isabella wants love alongside intense connection but Dante isn’t sure he is capable of loving her or any woman. Riley comes to his rescue offering him words of advice on how to win Isabella and get her to stay long terms rather than disappearing after a year.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

The Throne of Fear (The Romanos #3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The last Romano brother standing and Romeo is very aware of this fact. Watching his older brothers settle down and giving Nonna the great-grandchildren she longs for. But for Romeo, there are no plans to settle down, enjoying the women who practically throw themselves at him there has, however, only ever been one woman for him – Ivy.

Having met Ivy the day before his mother killed herself when he was seven years old. The shared time together in a tree eating cake had a lasting effect on him. Watching the light fade in her eyes to be replaced by fear when her father returned home and she had to leave. Watching her over the years he has kept his distance from her, however, finding out that she is now engaged means that he needs to step up.

Ivy’s life has been filled with fear and abuse from her parents, No matter how much she tries to toe the line they find something wrong and she is punished for it. Her arranged relationship with White House hopeful, Drew, makes her skin crawl and has so far managed to keep him at arm’s length. However, not that they are engaged it appears that it is now expected for her to give him her virginity. Attending an event before the fateful night she finds herself face to face with the boy from her childhood who is very much grown up.

Getting Ivy away from Drew was surprisingly easy, with him agreeing to offer her virginity as a wager on a poker game. Whilst Romeo wants her he needs her to want it too, not jumping into something because she doesn’t want to be with Drew. As they navigate their feelings they are forced to deal with some harsh truths from the past – will this make or break them?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Broken Beauty

For the eldest Romano brother Lorenzo, be sure to read Broken Beauty as part of Stella Andrew’s Beauty Series.

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The Romanos Series (3 Books) By Stella Andrews • (2024)
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